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Commercial Property Inspection


Purchasing a commercial property is a huge investment that requires a thorough inspection. The Atlanta area has a number of environmental factors that can affect your property. Taking the time to find out the intricate details of that investment to avoid the potential risks can save you time, effort and money. We service the Atlanta metro area to provide the most comprehensive commercial property inspection you need.

What does a commercial property inspection entail?

A thorough commercial property inspection requires a commitment to excellence. Unlike a residential property, there are additional elements involved that must be addressed. Working with real estate agents, banks or investors, we are equipped to handle inspections on any commercial building in the Atlanta metro area. Our inspections include, but are not limited to:

  • ADA accessibility

  • Site work

  • Ventilation

  • Interior and Exterior

  • Structural integrity

  • Electrical

  • Parking

  • Life Safety

  • Fire sprinklers

We also focus on the environmental and repair cost recommendations. Whether you are focused on purchasing or improving an apartment building in Buckhead, or a dealership in Norcross, we are ready to assist, giving you sound recommendations and advice on areas that are or can become a potential issue of concern.

Do I really need a commercial inspection?

Absolutely! It is important to know the condition of a property, whether it is existing or new construction. We will give you all the details to make educated decisions that will help you determine whether or not the building is worth your investment, or how much work is needed to put it on the market. For more information, call now! Ask about our mold, radon and termite inspection services. Knowing what you are facing now is worth not having a flawed investment later.

Ask Us About:

Mold Testing, Radon Testing and Termite Inspection Services.

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